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I'm thrilled to share my first LinkedIn Learning course, designed to help leaders develop communication skills to lead more effectively and drive change, based on an easy-to-apply framework with humanity at its center. 

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Hello, Molly Tschang here


A leadership consultant, coach, and founder with over 25 years’ experience working with Fortune 500, startup and non-profit organizations. I’ve helped executives thrive in complex environments and Win As One—meaning to commit to each other’s success and build powerful chemistry to be a cohesive team. A big component has been helping leaders say what needs to be said. And I realized everyone in the organization has this need. So I founded Say It Skillfully® to help all professionals speak their minds in a highly constructive manner. I’m a mission to help people communicate to be seen, heard and understood—and make work and life a lot better. 

My Say It Skillfully® free resources include short scenario videos, podcasts with guests ranging from top CEOs and athletes to people landing their first job, and practical Q&A tips through my newsletter. I’m cheering for you to be who you are and say what needs to be said, rather than what others want to hear. 

From an introvert who didn’t speak English until age 5 to now power communicator, I’m thrilled to help you find your voice, so that you can achieve your full potential. When you and your colleagues speak up, even with what others may not want to hear, you benefit by “hearing all voices”, which is a must to being on the same page and having an accurate “shared reality”. And a shared reality is essential to make the best decisions, execute with speed and achieve your goals. Then we all Win As One.

Take advantage of my free resources, created to help you Say It Skillfully in a multitude of situations!

Say It Skillfully Success Stories...

How People All Across Organizations Benefit

The skills you taught me to say it skillfully, the right words, tone and approach, have provided me the ability to manage difficult situations without conflict. Forever grateful.

Julie K.
Service Delivery Lead

Say It Skillfully has been an absolute game-changer, empowering me to speak up constructively and confidently! With Molly’s valuable insights, practical strategies, and a supportive environment, I was equipped with the tools to be authentic and make a positive impact in how I communicate with all levels. Highly recommend!

Jacob A.
Ecommerce Director

Watching your videos, I felt better prepared because I was armed with examples of what to say in a way to accurately describe my situation and how I felt, while still appearing rational and reasonable to my boss. I’d often practice with my husband, and then have the conversation!


Jacquelyn L.

Take advantage of my free resources, created to help you Say It Skillfully in a multitude of situations!