Auto Renewal Subscription Policy

This Auto Renewal Subscription Policy (“Policy”) sets the terms and conditions between you as a subscriber (“you”) and Say It Skillfully Inc. (“we”, “us” or “Company”) in connection with your auto renewal subscription for certain products and services (“Products”) offered through our website, (the “Site”), including our Say It Skillfully ADEPTIVE Club Premium digital products.

This Policy is incorporated into, made part of, and is subject to the Site’s Terms and Conditions, which you can access at

1. To purchase an auto renewal subscription for our Products, you will need to affirmatively consent to the terms of the subscription. After your initial payment for the first payment period of a monthly or yearly subscription, you authorize us to store your payment and to automatically charge your payment method on the same day of the following month for monthly subscriptions or year for yearly subscriptions until you cancel your subscription. After the initial purchase of your subscription, we will send you an email acknowledgment.

2. You may cancel your subscription at any time within any monthly or annual subscription period. However, cancellation will only become effective at the end of such monthly or annual subscription period it was submitted in.

3. You may cancel your subscription at any time by taking the following steps: Log in to your account > click on your profile Avatar > select "Settings" > select "Billing Info" > cancel your subscription. Once you submit your request for cancellation, you will receive a cancellation confirmation by email.

3(a). If you have an active subscription through a detached payment processor (one that has been removed from our website host), you may not have the ability to cancel your auto renewal payment through the steps listed in #3 above. In this case, contact us at [email protected] for assistance to manually intervene in cancelling the payment and/or seek refunds if the inability to cancel your subscription caused unwarranted payment(s).

4. After you cancel your subscription, you will still have access to the Product(s) within the offer you subscribed to until the end of such monthly or annual subscription period it was submitted in.

5. There are no rebates or refunds on Say It Skillfully auto renewal subscription Products, other than the special case mentioned in #3(a) above.

6. All subscriptions are for a limited period of time, with a monthly duration or year-long (12 month) duration, unless a different term is stated in the purchase terms for each Product offered for sale on the Site. Auto renewal subscriptions, such as our Say It Skillfully ADEPTIVE Club premium digital products, will automatically renew after their duration. You will be required to make all payments due during the duration of your auto renewal subscription regardless of whether you choose to access the Site or use the Products you subscribed to.

7. Monthly and annual subscription rates are subject to change, but we will notify you by email of any change to your subscription rate with the option to cancel your subscription in accordance with this Policy.